Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spelt Enhances Aroma

 Spelt seems to enhance the aroma of a baking loaf.  It makes my olfactory senses perk up and adds to the anticipation of a newly finished loaf emerging from the oven. Using spelt wasn't the idea behind this loaf . I'm still exploring limits to my baking skills when using high hydration dough.

The dough from this loaf was more sticky than the previous loaf but still within bounds for shaping. Scoring a high hydration loaf is a different matter but practice, practice, practice.

145 g at 82% hydration, 75% AP/25% whole rye

Main dough
280 g bread flour
80 g bolted Turkey Red flour
20 g whole rye flour
20 g spelt flour
295 g water at 85F
All of starter 

As evidenced by the pictures, my peonies have started to bloom. The stems are taller than usual with some plantings sending up stems taller than my waist and I stand 6' 1 1/2" tall. As the buds get closer to blooming the stems are beginning to droop a little but they are still fun to watch as they grow. The blooms aren't as well colored this year which I suspect may be due to the shortage of rain last year.

The garlic stems are nearly as tall. I have about 60 bulbs going to work and it looks like I'll be getting plenty of huge bulbs to save for next year's crop and to give to my brother and a few friends.

The leaf lettuce is getting close to the point where I can actually use some of the leafs from the plants as I thin them out. There is a difference between fresh and store bought lettuce.

The most recent unexpected page views have come from Argentina, Mexico, Serbia, Sweden, and Taiwan.

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