Saturday, February 01, 2014

Country Bread with Bran

This is a recipe or formula quite similar to a previous effort. I thought that it might just kind of pancake out when it hit the baking stone but as the pictures show, it held its own. It had a slightly high hydration and some bran but the flavor wasn't bitter and does well for a sandwich.

140 g at 80% hydration

40 g bran
40 g hot water, soaked for two hours

 Main Dough
270 g bread flour
248 g water at 80F
90 g stone ground whole wheat
All of starter
All of soaker
9 g kosher salt

There was a snowfall of 2-3" last night that brought the neighborhood birds back. While some have adopted us for our free lunch at the feeders, the more casual visitors have joined in the noise making. We are now regularly seeing goldfinches try to work their way in to feed. It also appears the red breasted woodpecker and northern flicker woodpecker both have mates or at least informed a friend of the buffet. A large group of starlings, at least 60 to 80 or so, were in the yard yesterday but gone today. They may be back Tuesday along with some blackbirds when more snow is expected.

I've got two loaves working for tomorrow night's Superbowl table over the river in Farley, MO. One is a sourdough light rye with caraway seeds and the other a variation on Rose Beranbaum's Tyrolean Multigrain Torpedo. Either one should go well with some smoked pork shoulder.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.