Friday, May 23, 2014

Why the Sabbatical

It has been more than a month since my last post and there are reasons. The first is  that I was in the process of rehabbing my starter to get it back up to strength. It would raise bread but it was too slow for me and as the pictures show, nothing was really an advancement. So I baked for home consumption and increased the feeding schedule to the point where I was finally getting a nice bubbly top on the builds. I was ready to bake what I expected would be something really good until my plans were halted by an unexpected occurrence.

The night before my expected bake, the contractor for the installation of new cabinets called to say he would be here at 815 AM to start work. We expected him on Friday, not for Thursday. Not many too many people can say that their contractor showed up a day early. So I packed the build into two containers after packing in as much Central Mills AP as I could into the starters and moved them into the beer fridge for a nap. Today, some fifteen days later, the counter top is supposed to be delivered any moment, and the installation should begin by mid morning tomorrow. Mrs PG and I are appropriately pleased to know that we will once again have a work space and a sink to help clean up my messes. The work lights are now LED rather than fluorescent so my pictures should have less of that yellow cast. I'm hoping that by Monday I will have rebooted my starter and be ready to fire up the oven for a bake that night. After buying a loaf of "multi grain" bread at Costco, I'm ready for some home made bread ASAP.

 The world outside my window here has gone through some big changes. The trees have filled out and the garden is busy at growing good stuff. Once again, an Ixtapa variety jalapeno is the first to produce something among the four pepper plants. I only put in three tomato plants in an optimistic assumption that I would have fewer wasted by the end of the season. I have healthy oregano and sage plants that wintered over plus a new rosemary plant so I'll have some good, fresh herbs for foccacia and rosemary bread, Pane Marino. The two varieties of leaf lettuce are now thriving after the recent rains.

Some of the most recent visitors to this obscure corner of the internet were from Brunei, Lithuania, and Pakistan.

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