Saturday, May 18, 2013

The New Lean Overnight Sourdough

While the ingredients for this loaf are the same as my previous lean loaf, the procedures did have to be modified. The original New Lean Sourdough was done when the room temperature was in the 70-72F range. This loaf started out in a room temperature of 74F for the initial stage of the starter build. The temperature kept going up all day long to around 84F and stayed there in the house until I put the shaped loaf  in the refrigerator for an overnight retarded proofing. The temperature affected the rate of the starter growth and the bulk fermentation  time. It was just one of those days where I had to watch the dough and not the clock.   The temperature also affected the level of humidity in the air so the dough was a little stickier at the end of bulk fermentation. The flavor had a little bit more tang to it but not so much that it was unpleasant.

I wouldn't bet the family farm on being able to bake with all brands of whole wheat at this hydration. It still has some rough edges due to my own lack of experience and knowledge, but this formula works for me and other people should be able to do as well if not better using my go to Dakota Maid bread flour and the Green River Whole Wheat flour.

My garden is finally all in. If the fore casted thunderstorms don't wash it away overnight, I'll be able to take a breather of a day or so and then get on the last few flower bed areas that I haven't yet terrorised. 

We added a bulb of fennel to the herb patch in my garden. The annual summertime migration of monarch butterflies goes through this area and they love fennel. They'll strip the leaves off the planting in a short time. We do, unfortunately, have some milk weed in the area which the monarchs feed on but I'd rather buy the fennel than to tolerate the milk weed.

Tomorrow gives me the opportunity to use some of our sage planting for a focaccia to go with the chicken I'll be serving tomorrow night. I've been able to use a few leaves of the basil on my pizzas over the past two weeks but the plants wouldn't make a cup of pesto between the two of them.

Someone dropped onto this blog from Viet Nam in the past week or so.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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