Friday, August 16, 2013

Multi grain (breakfast cereal) Boule

Mrs PG prefers that I use my oval brotform when baking bread but she was on the way to Omaha when it was time to shape this loaf. So I grabbed my floured towel and trusty colander for a change of pace boule. It has a healthy addition of  9 grain cereal from Montana Milling that was soaked and an almost sweet flavor from a lean dough. The oven spring was very good so I'm feeling pretty good about how it turned out.

150 g at 75% hydration, KAF AP flour

70 g 9 grain breakfast cereal
57 g water

Main Dough
285 g bread flour
75 g stone ground whole wheat
240 g water at 85F
9 g kosher salt
All of starter
All of soaker

Lots of fine feathered friends at the feeders and in the yard this morning. There are a couple of hummingbirds flitting about the Rose of Sharon bush. There's titmouse pair and nuthatch flying back and forth from the feeder to the tree. We also have a brilliantly colored solo goldfinch trying to get a share of food from the finches, sparrows, and pine siskinds that are crowding onto every perch that has access to food. They're all very noisy or perhaps just full of songs this morning
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