Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Couche Loaf Experiment

As first tries go, this wasn't a terrible experience with my new couche. I ordered it from Amazon and it appears to be well made with the linen being stiff enough to fold around a loaf. There's still much to learn about shaping dough in order to make better use of the couche. I'll get there eventually.

This particular loaf had a bit of mashed potatoes added in place of some flour. I like the flavor from the addition of potatoes or potato flakes but do have some trouble guessing how to correct the hydration level when using the cooked potatoes. The tactile feel of the dough also seems to change but that may be my own lack of experience baking bread with potato. It's still worth doing again.

150 g at 100% hydration

Main Dough
270 g bread flour
80 g stone ground whole wheat
27 g mashed potatoes
230 g water at 85F
10 g kosher salt
All of starter

The summer time heat has returned with a vengeance, with daytime highs in the upper 90s, lots of pollen, other allergens, and poor air quality. Tomorrow may be the first time for a high temperature of 100F this year. If I have to work outside, it has to be done in the morning. There's a curious lack of birds at the feeders and in the neighborhood as well. I wish I had a lack of crabgrass in the lawn instead.

Some recent page views for my blog came from Norway and Hungary.

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