Saturday, August 03, 2013

French Country Loaf Hybrid, An Experiment

I don't have my usual full length shot here because Mrs PG got to the loaf before I got around to taking pictures. Yes, she is still alive, she's been forgiven, and we're still married as well. After all, bread is meant to be eaten.

The experiment part of this bake was to reduce my total flour weight by 10% to see if I could get a better looking loaf with the brotform. I'm OK with those results for the first smaller loaf. The hybrid part of the experiment was using 1/8 tsp active dry yeast added to the dough during mixing. I admit that after starting late, I didn't want to stay up until past midnight to shape my dough. So I just folded in the ADY after the autolyse without hydrating. It worked out and the dough was shaped by 1130PM and placed in the fridge 15 minutes later.

Even though the loaf followed the 1 part 100% starter, 2 parts water, 3 parts flour method for sourdough bread, the bread doesn't have a lot of sour at all. The flavor is somewhat light on the tongue, not disagreeably so, but more than I expected considering such a small quantity of ADY.

120 g at 100% hydration, 80% AP/20% stoneground rye

Main Dough
240 g bread flour
100 g stoneground whole wheat flour
20 g stoneground rye flour   
240 g water at 85F
8 g kosher salt
All of starter
1/8 tsp ADY

The rains have returned for a while with about 2" total over the past week and more expected by tomorrow morning. It could be just my imagination but it seems that there are lot more insects out there right now. The garden plants have new vigor and its good thing because the weeds seem to have the same enthusiasm for growth.

The cucumber in the first picture is a variety that some in the area call an English cucumber. They're long and skinny and not my favorite but acceptable. I do have some of my favorites, Marketmore 76, available now as well. That tomato is a "Whopper Improved", one of three favorite tomatoes.

Today's guest of note on my blog is a viewer from Denmark.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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