Tuesday, November 27, 2012

50/50 Sourdough

The 50/50 ratio refers to the combination of half bread flour and half bolted Turkey Red flour. When I tried my first formula for a whole wheat multigrain loaf a couple months ago, I used a 50/50 combination of whole wheat and bread flour so this particular loaf didn't call for any trepidation on my part.

I like how it turned out with a nice soft crumb and an almost sweet flavor without using any sugars or other sweeteners. There was no retarded proofing, only a three hour proof on the counter due to cool room temperature of 70F.

150 g at 75% hydration

Main Dough

200 g bread flour
200 g bolted Turkey Red flour
280 g water at 85F
9 g kosher salt
All of starter

While the finches are ever boisterous around the feeders, the other varieties of birds are notable for the paucity of their numbers.Cardinals have long been a source of easy laughs from their antics but right now,I only see them once a day in the yard.Goldfinches aren't at their brightest coloring this time of year so its hard to identify them among the finches at first glance. Sparrows, as well as the woodpeckers, seem to have moved on to a different locale. I've started adding extra sunflower seed to the feeders but nothing new has stopped by lately. I think I'll buy some of the Costco bird food the next time I'm in one of their stores since all my feathered free loading friends show up for that stuff.

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