Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Multi Grain Pan Loaf

This is another one of those works in progress for me. In September 2012, I did a batard loaf with a multigrain cereal that I thought was a successful, if not perfected, formula based on a Hamelman formula from his book ,"Bread". This wasn't the same formula. It's not a bad bread once you get past the unexciting appearance.

150 g at 80% hydration

100 g Montana Milling 9 grain cereal
120 g water
pinch of salt

Main Dough
300 g bread flour
100 g whole wheat flour
280 g water at 85F
10 g kosher salt
1/4 tsp active dry yeast
All of soaker
All of starter

My first guess is that I overdid the mutligrain cereal content. In my original effort, I kept the cereal down to 80 g or a 20% content as opposed to a 25% effort here. My procedural change of adding the soaker to the flour at the beginning of the mix should have had some effect  as well.   Adding the cereal towards the end of the mixing would have been a better and smarter move.

We have been enjoying warmer than average weather lately so I've been tearing out some more plants from the flower beds. I wish we had adapted the attitude of less is more when we started. I have some blueberry plants that have got to go because they just don't do all that well here. The temperatures will be falling closer to the seasonal averages by the weekend.
Out in the county, some of the farmers are starting to sell off their beef herds due to lack of rain for water sources. Hay and other feed is still available but beef cattle demand a lot of water while they are being prepared for market.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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