Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another Whole Wheat Multigrain Sourdough

I finally got around to using my wooden mixing bowl for some ciabattini last week. The mixing procedure is very basic and the recipe, of course, calls for lots of olive oil. I estimate that my dough was somewhere in the 80% hydration range. This didn't turn out to be a finished recipe. Perhaps it could have been a focaccia but I wanted to try ciabattini style loaves.Even though it wasn't a very successful experiment, I did try proofing the dough on beds of sesame seeds that were placed on the towel I used for proofing. That does work well with very few seeds falling out.

The full size loaf is another attempt at realizing a multi grain sourdough loaf formula. While similar to an earlier formula I borrowed from Hamelman's "Bread", I omitted the instant dry yeast and honey from his formula.. I got acceptable if not monumental oven spring through a longer proofing stage even though I was using 50% white whole wheat and a 20% multi grain cereal soaker. The basic ingredients are there right now, giving me a good flavor profile and a moist crumb. Including the IDY and honey from Hamelman's formula might give me that extra oven spring I like in my breads.

Had I used a round brotform for the proofing stage, I could have used a fanciful place name, called this a miche, and stopped while the going was good but I'm not ready to call this formula done.

80 g Montana Milling 9 grain cereal
80 g water at room temperature

140 g at 85% hydration

Main Dough
200 g bread flour
200g white whole wheat flour
280 g water at 85F
10 g kosher salt
All of soaker
All of starter
Attention to detail, patience, and time

My thanks to the page view originating in Cyprus and the many page views that came in from Poland.

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