Sunday, September 02, 2012

Technical Problems; a short explanation

After I took some time off to visit my sister in Corinth, MS, I came back with a bag of White Lily Bread Flour and lots of intention to find out how well I could bake with my new find. As soon as I was ready to post about a revisited pain complet au son, the Picasa photo processing program wasn't working and has yet to return to operational status. I've checked the Picasa help forums and it appears that I'm not the only one who isn't able to upload photos over to Blogger. I also baked a batch of pan Marino, an Italian bread with rosemary and olive oil, and a Vermont Sourdough with Whole Wheat from Hamelman's excellent book, "Bread". Since I lack the computer proficiency to overcome or work around this problem, the pictures will just have to wait until Google fixes the problem at their end.

As if the Picasa problem wasn't enough, my inexpensive little scale is performing poorly as well. That can be fixed with a trip to a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store tomorrow because they're having a big sale on soon to be replaced stock and have flooded the media with 20% off coupons as well. I do miss having a reasonably reliable scale.

As soon as the Picasa problem is fixed by Google, I'll have pictures. If someone has a simple explanation for a work around, I would be very grateful and willing to give it a try.

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