Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Simple Sourdough with Whole Wheat

 There was nothing technically difficult or innovative in today's loaf. I did soak the whole wheat flour and wheat germ which is nothing new. The most daring thing about it all was that I proofed it longer than usual due to a little absent mindedness more than adjusting for a cooler room temperature due to the autumnal temperature change. But it was all working for me when I did the finger poke test for readiness and the loaf ended up tasting even better than it looks.


150g at 70% hydration, two stage build


100g whole wheat flour
17g wheat germ
100g water at 85F

Main Dough

300g bread flour
180g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of starter
All of Soaker

As previously threatened, I went out and bought some new supplies today. I found a local source for Montana Milling products and purchased 5# of hard white whole wheat flour and 5# of 9 grain flaked cereal. White whole wheat has long been a favorite ingredient and since this flour was milled for me before pickup, I can't resist the idea of playing with it as a starter food at least once or twice. It's a curiosity thing. Since the 9 grain cereal was so reasonably priced at $6/ 5 lbs, I had to look up the multi-grain recipe from J Hamelman's book "Bread". It looks like an interesting formula since the hydration is 98% due the extra water needed for the multi-grain soaker. That might be one of those loaves that won't necessarily work out the first time.

I'll find out for certain in the next few days.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.   
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