Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Quick Change in the Weather and Some Media Commentary

After being battered and abused by the whims of the weather, we seem to be in the midst of a preview of autumn in Kansas. The 100F+ days of last week are gone and on this Sunday, we're fortunate enough to witness a mild 69F and Northerly winds at Noon. It seems surreal. After a light lunch, I'll grab my garden tools and mosquito repellent before engaging in some hand-to-weed combat for a while.

I grabbed the Elizabeth David book "French Provincial Cooking" at the local library based on how much I enjoyed her "English Breads and Yeast Cookery". She thoroughly engaged my attention early on in that book when she stated that most breads use too much yeast. Ms David led a "colourful" life and could flat out write. Her volume on bread has been available since 1977 , but should be read for her exquisite and humorous skills in describing bread baking's history and sociological impact in England and the Commonwealth nations. People who have no intention of baking bread can enjoy the work. "French Provincial Cooking" covers foods that are served everyday in the homes and bistros of France so I'm approaching the book without fear and my bifocals clean.

For those who take a modicum of interest in my musical selections, I strongly encourage the purchase or possession of "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis. Recorded in 1954, the album is a classic among jazz recordings and still a "must listen to" album in 2011. Do be careful when buying a copy. The original vinyl LP edition and first CD editions have three cuts, the second side of the LP, that were incorrectly produced. They were said to be a semi-tone high if I recall correctly. When I find myself puzzled as to what to listen to, I go to "KoB" and enjoy discovering something new even though I play it about every other week or so. It's one of my desert island albums

The Madeline Peyroux CD "Half the Perfect World" will make an excellent addition to your library. Once you get past the fact that she sounds similar to Billie Holiday, Ms Peyroux's vocal chops and the easy swinging, sort of Djangoesque arrangements will keep your ears tuned in. The production values are quite good as well.

The documentary "Kings of Pastry" is available on DVD. Rent or Netflix this movie ASAP. It will be shown on PBS this season but don't wait. You can always save it with your DVR to watch it again, I know I will. There's no need for me to burden you with a review but for the fans of cinema who need a reason, it's a DA Pennebaker documentary.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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