Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hidden Malted Wheat Flakes

I plan on finishing the editing of this post sometime in the next 48 hours but I did want to at least put up these pictures of the latest loaf. That way I'll dig up the self discipline to evaluate what I did and start the work of tweaking the formula.
While rummaging around the flours in the downstairs freezer (it's in my beer fridge) I rediscovered some malted wheat flakes that I found at the King Arthur Flour retail store in Vermont. My first couple of experiments weren't offensive but weren't impressive either. The back of the package includes a recipe for "granary bread", using about 1/2C of the flakes per loaf. The instructions direct the baker to pour 1/2C of boiling water over the flakes and 1Tbs (15 g) of the sweetener of choice. Having chosen molasses, the formula fell into line with the quantities used in my Sourdough Molasses Bread.

I can't see much of the flakes in the loaf when I look at it in daylight so if you're not seeing them in the pictures, your eyes don't need to be examined. Even a new Nikon for myself wouldn't change that. I still want that Nikon.
The dough didn't handle as expected at   the start of bulk fermentation. By the time it was ready to shape, it had transformed to a reasonable mass for a batard. I used the paper bag and parchment paper method to do an overnight proof in the refrigerator.

The bread itself is a good loaf. The flakes didn't add to or harm the flavor or texture of the crumb. I have one more bag of the flakes left so I have at least two more chances to figure out how to make the flakes work for me.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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