Thursday, September 08, 2011

An Odds and Ends Loaf

No new barriers were broken here on this nice loaf. I did manage to finally use up the last of the open rye flour in the starter which means I can open up the bag of rye from Heartland Mills. I know I'll have to be wary of making any assumptions on how that flour will bake through the first few loaves but that's OK, I'm strictly amateur. I also used about 3% spelt flour, about 15 g in the main dough. There's some spelt from HM in the freezer when I get through that.

There's an interesting bit of writing on the Farine blog about a baker in the Burlington, VT area that uses spelt as part of his flours in both the starter and main dough. Considering how bad the travel in VT is after the damage of Hurricane Irene, Mrs PG and I will probably forgo our annual side trip to the Green Mountain State to pursue the loaf. Fortunately, Ms Makani took extensive time to interview Mr Rubaud about his techniques and ingredients used in his business.

It's a lean dough so I'll have to work out quantities of ingredients for small, in my book, loaves before I lurch into those.

The fine weather continues for us for a little while longer. There's a rumor of temperatures in the high 80s starting Sunday but that may be brief. I'm enjoying being able to work outside and use up some of the energy I put into political postings on other websites this summer while avoiding the hideous aspects of this year's Kansas summer.

Most of the local farmers have stopped bringing sweet corn to the Farmers Market but there may be one last batch available for the early risers this Saturday. It looks like I'll have to get up early enough to get to the 7AM opening to take advantage of the crop one last time.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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