Monday, July 18, 2011

Sourdough Molasses Wheat

Yesterday, I baked a sourdough version of my Molasses Wheat bread. The poolish was replaced by a whole wheat starter at 100% hydration and I had to change the the length of the bulk fermentation. Because I needed a loaf for house use, I didn't do a retarded proof. the loaf simply proofed at room temperature, 80F, for about 1.5 hours before baking.
The crumb remains tender but I'm not getting the flavor I expect from a sourdough loaf. That's nit picking, for certain, but the overnight proof at a cool temperature seems to be an important part in deriving more flavor without extra work or exotic ingredients. The ingredients appear to be sound in choice but the procedure for a sourdough loaf deserves some tweaking.
With two weeks to go before the County Fair, the decisions need to be finalized.
Outside, we're experiencing a nasty heat spell with ongoing misery of heat indexes over 100F daily and humidity that stifles breathing. My tomatoes have ripened and they are a great distraction from the heat. They're a culinary reward for the work involved and the weather tolerated.

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