Sunday, July 24, 2011

More work on the Pioneer Bread

When I finally got to working on my most recent loaf, I dismissed the ideas I had the previous night and tried to stick with my latest recipe for Sourdough Pioneer Bread. There was deviation once again when I substituted two Tbs of butter for the sunflower oil in the recipe. Expecting the water in the unsalted butter to affect the hydration, I added another 10 g of bread flour. It turns out that at the loaf size I worked with, the adjustments needn't have been made.

The aroma from the baking loaf was really attention grabbing. It must have been the butter. I think the exterior crust color was fine. I did try baking at a lower-375F temp after the initial 10 minutes.

The interior crumb isn't bad but not particularly open. I shouldn't be too surprised about that given the types of flour that are included. It's still in good flavor after a few days so I can live with that and keep the formula in the recipe book. After all, what's only 17kB on a modern hard drive anyways. It may still be an entry for the County Fair if I can get a copy of the judging guidelines. Last year, I just showed up with two loaves and entered them on time. I'm hoping for better preparation this time around. The entry submission date is 9
August 2011.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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