Thursday, June 13, 2013

Loaf du Jour- A French Country Loaf

This is the current loaf around the bread board this week, a simple French Country Loaf. Its a very versatile bread that lends itself to turkey, ham, or smoked sausage sandwiches as well as peanut butter.

150 g at 75% hydration, 75% AP, 25% whole rye flour

Main Dough
267 g Dakota Maid bread flour
100 g Green River Whole Wheat
33 G Hodgson's Mill Whole Rye flour
286 g water at 85F
11 g kosher salt
All of starter
1 Tbs organic honey
The weather is typical of June in Kansas, meaning that air conditioning is a good thing to have in our house. The plants in the garden are responding to the heat with growth but I suspect they will demand deep watering very soon. The cool, damp weather trend appears to be going away and I doubt that the root systems are very deep or strong. Loose leaf lettuce and garden herbs are all that's available at the moment with the cilantro ready to die. I have lots of sage and rosemary for any occasion that the urge to bake some focaccia arises. The rose bushes are quite prolific currently and will need a quick trim soon.

I extend my thanks to the page viewers from Brazil, Greece, and Mexico that dropped in at my obscure corner of the internet.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.     

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