Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pain de Campagne, Do Over

It had been a while since I used some of my rye flour so a French Country Bread was in order.Since I have more than enough to do to get my garden and flower beds in order, I haven't been indulging in a seeking  new inspiration among my bread books. "A Blessing of Bread" by Maggie Glezer does sit table side these days and I may have to break down and buy a copy before Christmas so I can show off what I've learned when I visit my parents. That's a tall order since they're in their mid 80s and have seen real neighborhood bakeries in their youth. Time to go to work.

165 g @ 100% hydration

Main Dough
260g bread flour
40g whole rye flour
100g white whole wheat
270g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of starter
Attention to detail, patience, and time

The hydration of this loaf challenged my modest shaping skills in that I didn't get as good an oven spring as hoped, even Mrs PG noted that. The interior crumb did turn out nicely moist and baked thoroughly.
While I have Ms Glezer's book on loan from the library, I think it would be a shame not to take advantage of her work by attempting her sourdough Pan de Horiadiko, a Greek country recipe that originated in Thessalonika, Greece. The first time I worked on that formula, I won a blue ribbon at the county fair. The blog post with my derived formula has been one of my most popular posts. There are also some beginner's level recipes for challah that look like a project for holiday baking.

The latest page views of note have been from Cambodia, Columbia, and Spain.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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