Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Holy Grail Bread for Dabrownman

 It was probably yesterday that I was checking out a post on the Fresh Loaf and I saw a reply from a home baker from the Phoenix area who calls himself Dabrownman. H e mentioned that one of his favorite flour formulas for a country bread, his Holy Grail, included whole, rye, and spelt. I think I could learn a thing or two from Dabrownman and since I had a stater in the second stage of a build, I'd try to build my loaf with those ingredients   The results included a nice moist crumb with an almost sweet, smooth flavor. Its not very difficult to understand why he enjoys this style of bread.

150g @ 100% hydration

Main Dough

294g bread flour
66g white whole wheat
20g whole rye flour
20g Spelt flour 
10g kosher salt
All of starter
Attention to detail, patience, and time

While building up my starter, I noticed that it seems to have slowed down by about 15-20%. In the past, I've blamed the weather for that behavior, but today I think I just need to rebuild the starter by elaborating it around the clock for at least 72 hours to build up a very high level of activity.

The work at cleaning up my garden remains in progress. There was a killing frost for the past two nights but the oregano, rosemary, and sage still live.If I pick up two bales of straw for mulch, I should have enough to cover the bed for the garlic planting, cover the surviving herbs from winter weather extremes, and still have some straw left over for any bare spots. I've seen a skunk and a possum in the yard at night time and am at a loss as to how to convince them to relocate. The best bet so far is to use coyote urine. Given how close we live to the undeveloped land of the county, that could bring new problems for which I'm even less suited to handle such as coyotes.  

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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