Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Likeable Scoring Pattern

Scoring or slashing my loaves hasn't been a strong skill of mine so when I saw the results on this loaf, I was particularly pleased. This pattern allowed for a lot more oven spring than I used to on a 33% whole wheat loaf. i wouldn't call it a signature pattern for my baking but it will be used often enough until I find something as easy and effective.
There's nothing avant garde or creative in the formula for the bread but its a more than pleasant effort.


150g @ 100% hydration

Main Dough    

266g bread flour
134g hard red whole wheat
260g water @ 85F
10g kosher salt
1 Tbs Easton Hillside Honey
All of starter
Attention to detail, patience, and time

As predicted previously, the trees have started to shed in rapid fashion. All my flower beds have to be raked free of leaves before I can clean them up. Unfortunately, this also leads to the appearance of clouds of gnats or some kind of minuscule nuisance insects. The insects don't bite but they do swarm all over me and usually my glasses as well. There's lots of other work to do so I can put that off until a really windy day or the next frost which is due on the 26th of October.
In particular, I need to clear a bed for planting next years garlic crop. There are also quite a few dropped tomatoes that have to be picked up. I'm already guaranteed an excellent crop of volunteer cherry tomatoes so the need to clean up well is important.

The cardinals, goldfinches, robins, titmice and woodpeckers have all been noticeably absent from our feeders lately. Since they're all year round residents of this area of Kansas, it probably comes down to they've found food sources they prefer to what they find in our yard. It's either that or their feeding schedule doesn't match up with my random observation periods. No big deal, they'll be back.

The most recent notable page views for my obscure blog site have come from Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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