Monday, August 06, 2012

Malted Wheat Flake Miche

    Is a miche the result of an overhydrated dough for a boule? That could happen. Or is it a dough with too much gluten slicing ingredients such as whole wheat flours and/or grains? As long as it tastes good, the result is more important.

After ignoring the malted wheat flakes in the freezer for a while, I decided to make another loaf with them to see if I could get a more aesthetically pleasing loaf. After all, our eyes are involved in eating too.My starter needed a feeding as well to get it ready to go to work for my entries in the Leavenworth County Fair so I had motivation.

My two entries this year will be another sourdough loaf- I'm going for three blue ribbons in a row, and a sourdough rye bread that might be called a Polish rye, a Pain au Seigle, or a Maslin rye bread. I seem to keep finding breads that are cross border perhaps pan regional. It's either that or I'm cultivating a vivid imagination.

50g stone ground whole wheat
50g malted wheat flakes
100g water at room temperature

165g white flour at 75% hydration

350g bread flour
180g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of soaker
All of starter

Despite my good intentions when attempting to shape a boule, the dough did flatten out before I could slip the stainless steel bowl over the dough. I don't know that if I had warmed the stone for a longer time whether or not I would've gotten bigger oven spring. The recipe on the back of the wheat flake packaging was for a pan loaf so that just might be the way to go next time as long as I don't develop an aversion to printed recipes.

By the way, the starter is doing really well.

New page viewers over the past week include some one from the Netherlands, Georgia, and Latvia.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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