Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Leavenworth County Fair 2012 Results; What a Difference a Day Makes!

When I posted the first pictures of my entries for the County Fair, I wasn't wildly enthusiastic about my chances. I figured that if there was any competition in the categories, I couldn't be too dissappointed if I didn't win. Still, it's good to have the self confidence to enter into even a small time County Fair.

My breads were entered this morning and I returned to the Fair this afternoon, twenty miles each direction, there and back, to get the results of the judging.

After I entered the Crafts building and found my loaves, I was pleased to see blue ribbons for both of my entries. Better than that, my sourdough loaf was under consideration by the judges for "Grand Champion" of the yeast breads category. The judges asked me to make myself scarce while they finished their work so I went out to grab some pictures of the goats whom I always find amusing and photogenic. When I returned to the Craft Building, My attitude was further improved by finding that I had been awarded "Grand Champion" in the Yeast Bread Class. Not bad for a raggedy home baker such as myself.

Both loaves used the same starter. In order to add some punch to flavor and encourage more activity, the first stage feed was elaborated with whole rye flour. The second stage was fed with some AP from Wheat Montana.

Sourdough Loaf

165g 75% hydration

Main Dough
360g Dakota Maid bread flour
20g   whole rye flour
20g   Wheat Montana Prairie Gold WWW
280g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of starter

Rye Loaf
165g 75%hydration

Main Dough
300g DM bread flour
100g whole rye flour
280g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of starter

As I said before, the recipes are simple but they worked.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome. 
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