Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malted Wheat Flake Loaf

This morning's loaf was an idea that I had put off long enough, a loaf with 100g of malted wheat flakes. I was long under the impression that they would be more visible in the crumb than I had achieved. The plain and simple of it is that they don't stand out in the visual aspect of things though they don't subtract from the taste. I think that I'll just use them up and not buy any more. Since I already have a small bag of wheat germ, I'll probably go for some bran and make an attempt at the Genzano loaf which looks somewhat daunting on paper.

This loaf turned out to be rather large and a little bit shaky when I shaped it for the banneton but it turned out fine. It has a moist crumb that's not tough at all and reasonably open for me. Plans are in the works for a better camera for crumb close ups so that I prove I don't brick my loafs very often. Anyways, it's good eating and that counts for more than pedigree.

Malted Wheat Flake Loaf

170g of 72% hydration starter

100g white whole wheat flour
100g malted wheat flakes
200g water at room temperature

Main Dough:
300g bread flour
190g water at 85F
10g kosher salt
All of starter
All of soaker   

The hydration was deliberately higher on this loaf because my experience with the malted wheat flakes is that they will need some extra water in the formula. KAF said on the packaging that it wouldn't be needed. If my guess work isn't hopeless, the hydration on this bread ran over 75% and usually I end up with more of a flat bread than a loaf when I get into that territory.  Bake and learn I guess.

The garden is starting off on the right foot this year. Some of the lettuce I put in last week has already sprouted. The forecast calls for rain showers and thunderstorms over the next five days so I'm not optimistic about being able to work the soil until things dry out. There's a great deal of clay in the local soil and despite gardening in the same spot for more than twenty years, I haven't been able to overcome all of it. The rain should make it easier to weed the flower beds on the north side of the lot. They've been ignored for about ten months and I expect to have my work cut out for me once I get going. I do wish I had a lot more cypress mulch to cover up that bed before summer comes in. The discounted bags have all been sold at the garden shops so if I buy any more mulch, it will have to be sorely needed to pay $3 for a 2 cu. ft. bag. Perhaps after hunching over weed ravaged flower beds for a few days my aching back will convince me of the worth of those $3 mulch bags.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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