Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Big Starter Loaf and Some Gardening talk

1 January 2012

7 April 2012
I'll open up this fine morning with a little bit of gardening talk. Yes indeed, that's the same cilantro plant. Despite neglect on my part and the vagaries of this year's winter weather, it managed to survive.
 I've finally opened up my wallet and started buying some plants for this year's garden. Two tomato plants, a San Marzano and a Park's Whopper, a Mucho Nacho jalapeno chile, a rosemary starter, and a variety of oregano named "Hot and Spicy". We have a small grow light setup for starting seeds where I can get my basil going soon. 
This weekend's loaf  was an experiment in using a bigger starter for the simple curiosity and fun of doing so. It appears to have worked out reasonably well and certainly tastes like it has.

Somewhere in the blog machinery is a wrinkle that's causing me a great deal of frustration in trying to get the formula in a reasonable order for presentation. Bear with it for a while as I go back to the help pages to find out what I missed.

190g of 66% hydration starter
Main Dough:                                   267g bread flour                               100g  stone ground whole wheat flour    33g whole rye flour                                280g water at 85F+ 15g for correction 10g kosher salt                                    All of starter                                           
 I'm quite pleased with results in that I skipped soaking the whole grain flours and still managed to get a reasonable crumb structure. After using this method, it seems useful to try the liquid levain, or a 125% hydration starter for comparison. 

The juncos have probably migrated north in that I haven't seem them around or beneath our feeding stations. There haven't been any goldfinches for a few days even though they are year round residents of the area. We still have plenty of chickadees, finches, pine siskins, sparrows, the occasional titmice, and my favorites, the woodpeckers.

The latest out of the ordinary, for me that is, page views came from Bulgaria and Japan.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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