Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Buckwheat Cupboard Bread

  Whether it was a desperate attempt to justify expenditures or merely indulging my sense of whimsy, I scoured the cupboards and freezers for the most recent loaf. I ran across some malted wheat flakes in a freezer and broke down my resistance or overcame a lack of imagination to include some buckwheat flour.

That basket in the top photo is something that I found at a "World Market" store in KC, MO for all of $4. Had I chosen to wait a while longer, I'm sure I could've gotten a similar looking Easter Basket at half price next Monday. It's my new banneton. 
   Next up is a candid photo of 160g of 66% hydration starter ready to be put to work. It may not be a handsome sort but it raises the bread.

Buckwheat Cupboard Bread

160g at 66% hydration, fed with an 85% AP/ 15% whole rye blend.

100g stoneground whole wheat flour
50g malted wheat flakes
150g water at room temperature

Main Dough:
270g bread flour
30g buckwheat flour
130g water at 85F
9g kosher salt
1 Tbsp honey
All of starter
All of soaker

I don't recall using anything out of the ordinary as far as procedures go with this loaf. I do admit I was simultaneously watching the semi-final game of the Final Four Tournament while I was doing the bulk fermentation so my times between stretch and folds were shall we say, elastic? After all, it was Kansas versus Ohio State and I didn't want to miss the game.
Despite the appearance of the slashes, the bread did turn out reasonably well. The malted wheat flakes do show up in the crumb but I think that 50g isn't enough to show up in the pictures. It's time to increase the quantity to 100g for the next loaf. I also suspect that using the "Magic Bowl" technique would produce a better looking crust.

  There was ample time to work in the garden this afternoon. I turned a section about 3'X6' or about 2 square meters for some snow peas and two varieties of leaf lettuce. My garlic crop got a side dressing of organic fertilizer as well. The forecast calls for rain and occasional thunderstorms over the next few days so my forays into yard will probably be limited to surveying for damage and filling the bird feeders.

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