Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Random Babble

Maybe this is something that has happened to you. I was standing outside, next to the grill, and saw a hummingbird nearby. It was an emerald throated hummingbird to be exact and only about 8 feet away. The object of its attention was a large flower on a vine that Mrs PG has placed in a planter. Hummingbirds are different in person as related to what they look like in film or on TV. They're tiny, delicate, and their wings are a perpetual motion machine. I was in a child like state of awe. Then it was gone for the evening. Hummingbirds will be around here for a couple of weeks.

If I'm lucky, the monarch butterflies will take their place. There is some milkweed growing around the yard so there is a good chance they will find their way here. Monarchs really love and devour fennel plants, stripping the leaves down to nubs, the multicolored off spring searching for whatever may be left over before they too disappear.

Right now I'm waiting for my preshaped dough to relax enough for me to shape a batard. It's another attempt at an Anadama loaf. The dough is just a little sticky but feels like it will shape without trauma. The loaf will get an overnight proof in the refrigerator. I may not have time to bake tomorrow morning due to schedule conflicts but that's OK. I want a fully proofed loaf for the oven. Pictures will be added after the bake.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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