Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Beingness of Light

I'm not baking today, just trying to revive some two year old dry starter that has been kept in the freezer. It came from the first month or so of my starter so I'm curious to see if it has any remaining vitality. After 12 hours, it's not looking very active at all. I thought that if it got rolling well that I would hand off a portion to the couple that organized and now run the local farmer's market. Their son wants to start baking bread. A sourdough might overwhelm a less than enthusiastic novice but only if someone tells them that it's hard to do, which of course, it isn't. Should the science experiment at resurrection fail, I have a plan B.

The quality of the sunlight here on the western bank of the Middle Coast- AKA Missouri River, is changing. The harsh glare of the summer sun is surreptitiously morphing into the golden tones of autumn. Midday sun remains as burdensome as July sun but in mid morning around 930AM CDT or late afternoon, 430PM CDT, it sits upon the eye much easier.
The plants haven't changed but the birds are changing their habits. They seem to be arriving and departing in flocks rather than as free agents. Their appetites have accelerated the replenishment schedule for our feeders. There are two varieties of finches that are year round residents but the chipping sparrows should be migrating at the end of summer.
A solitary male goldfinch has been around the yard lately. Goldfinches are known as year round inhabitants of this corner of Kansas but they have been notably absent over the past couple months. As their numbers increase and they become regulars outside the window, I'll refill their thistle seed feeder and hang it up once more. They'll have to establish their domination there because the juncos will take to that feeder and literally eat their lunch when they return sometime in November.

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