Friday, June 10, 2011

The tomatoes are coming, the tomatoes are coming!

It's official. The first tomato of the year has shown up in the garden. I doubt that it's larger than a ping pong ball, more likely the size of a marble, but it's a start. When It is finally large enough for my camera to pick it out of the background, I'll post the brag shot. The 90+F temperatures have been good for the garden. Everything has really started growing much better. On the other hand, all the rain that we've been threatened with has passed either north or south of us so I've had to use tap water which my plants don't take well. Mrs PGs Shasta daisies have started to bloom and continue to spread. That's one of those things that I never found out about until the plants had taken root. Beware of perennial flowers.
We seem to have lost the company of the cardinals in the past week or so. At least they're not showing up for their free meals. There is another woodpecker that has shown up, or at the least I've learned how to identify, a female hairy woodpecker. They don't have hair, just some feathers that look like hair around their nostrils to filter dust. More hawks seem to be flying overhead lately. One possible explanation is the crops in the field are hiding their usual rodent prey from sight so a town or city with its small gardens and expanses of lawns makes for better pickings.
The Missouri River is currently just over flood stage. The low lying areas by the river have been blocked from traffic and the industrial buildings shuttered. The local animal shelter has closed and there's a huge push to place all the dogs and cats that are still in custody. We may have to deal with flood conditions through July in that the containment dams further up the river are still at high levels. There's usually a lot of rainfall in the upper Great Plains in the summer so the problem will persist for us and the people downstream into the Gulf of Mexico. Anyways, the river may be somewhere between 7 and 10 feet above flood stage by the end of next week. A word to the audience, Don't Be Surprised If Food Prices Go UP!. Don't blame President Obama over that, the Midwest has had a few weather related problems that have affected crops lately.
I haven't done any bad baking in the past week but haven't done anything noteworthy either. I'm still watching the videos and learning the details so when it happens, it'll happen.

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