Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Links to Pictures and Articles about the Missouri River Flood

This is a big flood. While the Gavins Point Dam is already releasing a record 150,000 cu ft a second, they may have to break that record in the coming week by going up to 165,000 cu ft a second. The dam is capable of releasing over 565,000 cu ft a second which puts its capacity in perspective. At 150K, the dam is releasing more water than the flow over Niagara Falls which averages 64,750 cu ft per second.
Since the flooding is expected to last into late July and quite possibly into August, it will affect the prices of commodity grains produced in the US Midwest and Great Plains. When we recall that food prices drove the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, it makes sense to keep our eyes on the Middle Eastern and Asian countries that are dependent on making large commodity food purchases. There will be turmoil in the world's poorer countries for a long time.

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