Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chasing the Yeast Beast or Riffing on a Recipe

I keep the Kansas Wheat Commission's website on my bookmarks list. Because my wife and I live in Kansas, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!, I have a curiosity about the wheat business. Currently, they have a daily copy of their wheat harvest report that goes out to radio stations on the site. The copy also includes a map graphic that tracks the daily progress of the harvest and the towns that are reporting.

Just to stay in practice and to get a new bread in the book, I made an effort at trying one of the recipes that the commission put up on their site. They use recipes from the loaves that win at the State Fair. The formulas are given in volume measurements but for my first effort, I converted to weight measurements and used a pre-ferment as well.

I made a mistake in the proofing stage by not using enough flour on the towel that I used to wrap the boule. When I attempted to place the boule on some parchment paper, I had a problem with dough sticking to the towel.  After wasting enough time, I cut the offending section to resolve the problem. Obviously, I need better prep procedure on that aspect. The end result isn't picture perfect but it does taste good.

Look for the Pioneer Bread recipe. This time around, I bothered to write down my formula so you can expect a posting by the end of the week. If you want the rough draft right now, leave a comment to that effect or email me. I can scan the draft and email it relatively easy.


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