Saturday, January 08, 2011

Loafing around on Saturday

Just as a change of pace, today's loaf went into a 9.5"x5.25 loaf pan which is a larger than normal pan. I based the recipe on the 1-2-3 sourdough scheme where the starter 1 part by weight, the water 2 parts, and the flour is 3 parts. The flour was a blend with 325g of bread flour, 75g organic whole wheat from Gleeson Farms in VT, and 50g of a multi grain flour that I found in Middlebury, VT. The 150g starter was elaborated from a blend of WW and AP flour starter seeds just because I wanted to do that.
The winter room temp these days is around 68F which means a slower fermentation for both starters and breads. Since I didn't have enough time to start my dough last night, I took the starter down to the cellar, stirred it as if I was doing a stretch and fold procedure, and left it in the 60F air. I brought it back up this morning and let it come up to room temp, about 1 1/2 hours. It was good to go.
I followed my basic procedures for mixing and fermentation. After shaping the dough and placing it in my pan, I covered the dough with a sheet of plastic wrap and brought it back downstairs for a long, slow proof of about 4.5 hrs. I set up my grill rock pan for steaming and preheated. When I loaded the loaf, I placed a wet, microwaved towel over the rocks for steam. Judging by the oven spring, I think that worked out well. I don't have an interior crumb shot yet but may post that later if it looks worthwhile. The taste is what's really important and I'll find that out in the morning.
I located a source for the grand Heartland Mills flour in KC,MO at the Badseed Farmer's Market. I selected the unenriched AP with malted barley flour at $6.50/5# and some Golden Buffalo at $7.00/5#. It sounds pricey when you read it on a page but the reputation it holds among professional and home bakers gave me the push to put my money down and try it out for myself.
My pictures of my first attempt at a focaccia are somewhere on the hard in Picasa and get that info up in the next three days or so. There's a prediction of at least 5-6" 0f snow starting late tomorrow night so there will be some downtime on Monday and Tuesday.
Tomorrow, GO CHIEFS!
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