Friday, January 25, 2013

Multigrain Country Loaf

This loaf was worked up so I could see how much Montana Milling 9 Grain cereal I could add without it collapsing as soon as I inverted my loaf bearing banneton onto the the sheet pan I use as a makeshift peel. I haven't found that out yet. The loaf is just fine as for taste and crumb characteristics. The pre-soaked cereal doesn't even show up in the crumb. That can be taken either as a sign that I can sneak the cereal in without people noticing its presence or there's more work to be done. Of course, I can just enjoy the bread and start looking for a new formula that I haven't tried for my next bake.

170 g at 70% hydration

75 g Montana Milling 9 Grain cereal
75 g water

Main Dough
267 g bread flour
100 g white whole wheat flour
33 g rye flour
280 g water at 85F
10 g kosher salt
All of soaker
All of starter

There have been lots of birds at the feeders over the past few days. The forecast is calling for chances of rain over the next four days but I have no idea if that would make a difference in the feeding habits of my feathered visitors.

A new page view from Panama showed up this week.

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