Friday, May 11, 2012

The Three Cornered Country Loaf or Don't Blame the New Camera

I won't blame my new camera for this odd looking Country Loaf. A new Fujifilm F505 was delivered by the USPS last week and I still haven't quite got the fine details down yet.
There a plenitude of specialized programs that I'm sure I'll use once just to see how they work and after the pictures are deleted I'll go back to trying to get the best picture with the least work. The flash is somewhat odd but that may be a function of the light metering program built into the camera. But, with the help of my Picasa 3 program, I might get the pictures I want to post here.

The bread is in the style of Thom Leonard's French Country Loaf  with the addition of some wheat germ. The misshapen appearance is probably due to my use of a less than dangerously sharp paring knife to slash. Some of the dough got tugged around during the last slashes but I kind of like the odd shape. Chances are I won't be able to replicate it again if I try.
Like many of my recent loaves, the starter was large and of medium hydration, around 70%. Most of flours are really thirsty these days so I'm learning the necessity of adjusting the dough.
190g of 70% hydration

35g wheat germ
100g stone ground whole wheat flour
135g water

Main Dough:
265g bread flour
25g whole rye flour
150g water at 85F
8g kosher salt
all of starter
all of soaker

This loaf won't be set out to feed the chatterbox squirrel that berates us every time the bird feeder is empty. He has no complaints these days, after feeding well on the seeds dropped by our feathered friends, he can no longer climb the PVC pipe that we use for hanging the feeder outside my window.   

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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