Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Better, Not Perfect, Pain Complet Au Son

My second attempt at developing this formula turned out  better than the first effort.
 I tweaked the formula so much that when I slashed the dough before loading, I really expected that it would end up more flat bread than a loaf. The only reason for an acceptable shape that I can figure out is that my shaping was sufficiently strong to allow the oven spring to build upwards. Even if that wasn't the case, It's all good.

The tweaks made were relatively small or at least that's how they appear to me.

I started out by soaking the white whole wheat flour before mixingThen I used a slightly different volume of starter. I also changed the amount of water in the main dough. One of these days, I'll get serious to the point of neurotic obsession and approach this baking much too, too seriously.

Because I was out of house bread, I simply did a three hour proof rather than putting the loaf into the fridge for an overnight rest.

160g @ 66% hydration after a two stage build

Soaker #1
100g white whole wheat flour
100g water

Soaker #2
40g wheat bran
100g water

Main Dough
300g bread flour
190g water at 85F
8g kosher salt
All of the two soakers
All of starter

This is a very good bread for any purpose. I spread chunky peanut butter over the first two slices this morning and then used the bread for a turkey and Swiss cheese with Dijon mustard sandwich this afternoon for lunch. While small flecks of color in the crumb reveal the bran, its flavor isn't as obvious as it was the first time I made this loaf.

The biggest difference in the baking of the two loaves was more environmental than in the ingredients or procedure. The first effort was baked while we had the air conditioning on rather than the open windows I worked with yesterday. That's a difference that I need more experience in baking to learn how to compensate for effectively.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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