Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Sourdough Pioneer Bread and Bake Sale Practice Pan Loaves

The first loaf up is a another visit to a loaf from last summer. The recipe and ingredients are simple and the bread is satisfying.

160g at 75% hydration

Soaker #1:
35g corn meal
42g water at room temperature

Soaker #2:
35g whole rye flour
65g whole wheat flour
100g water at room temperature

Main Dough:
200g bread flour
93g water at 85F
7g kosher salt
2 Tbs sunflower oil
2 Tbs brown sugar
All of starter
All of both soakers

I used Codruta's paper grocery store bag idea for proofing this loaf and that led me a idea for a better device. My idea is to use some pine boards to make a "mold" in a "U" shape, just as long as the bottom of the grocery bag and one of the sides capable of being adjusted for width, depending on the amount of dough used. The idea could be further complicated by using small, rounded molding strips on the bottom of the sideboards. They may not be necessary since towels could be placed under the parchment paper to save expense. Sometimes the improvement that is conceived with the purpose of being an elegant solution to a minuscule problem is just needless expense and complication.

The next two loaves are my practice loaves for next week's bake sale at Cushing Hospital. My mixer is only 4.5L in capacity so I took a chance on how much dough I would need and which pans I could use. It turned out just fine for me. The bread is fine as well.

200g at 70% hydration

50g wheat germ
100g whole wheat flour
150g water at room temperature

Main Dough:

450g bread flour
130g water at 85F
11g kosher salt
15g honey
All of starter
All of soaker

I used my small loaf pans that are just right for 600-650g of dough. There was a fine oven spring so the crown was about 1.5" above the rim of the pan at the end of the bake so it all works.

The first day of Spring brought more rain to our yard. The grass is now about 5" long and getting out of hand. At least the unruliness hides some of the bare patches on the lawn. The peonies are taking off, growing about an inch a day it seems. I haven't spotted any ants around the foundation yet but that may be due to their sluggishness in cool weather. The forecast calls for warmer days by the weekend so vigilance is called for. My garlic plantation is doing quite well in this weather and it has surprised me to see that just about all the cloves I planted last Fall have sprouted up.

Needless to say, the weeds weren't fazed at all by the mild winter and are displaying their contempt for my efforts at eradicating them.

Finally, I want to note that the Google statistics for this blog have identified Puerto Rico as another country and not a commonwealth of the US. The statisticians must have gone to school with Rick Santorum. A reader from Poland was counted in the last few days. If you're a relative, stop and post a hello or if you know any of my relatives in Poland, tell them I said Hello!

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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