Friday, November 25, 2011

White Whole Wheat Sourdough

This large loaf, about 800g in weight before baking, came out of the oven on Thanksgiving. It's a lean loaf, no sweeteners or fats added, at about 69% hydration. The slashing was troublesome despite have a sharpened paring knife for the job. I know it wasn't the fault of the knife because I can attest personally to its ability to slice open a misplaced thumb. I haven't found the knack for making that swift, decisive slash that's called for. I have knife sharpeners, serrated knives, fine edge knives, single edge razor blades, a lame, and even a double edge blade on a coffee stirring stick. Someone suggested I find a scalpel to add to my arsenal of potentially life threatening tools. There's nothing like the possibility of a trip to the emergency room because of poor attention to focus my mind on the task at hand.

If the cliche about 10,000 hours of practice is needed before I gain proficiency, then I've only 9,500 more loaves to go.

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