Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloomer Mishap

I was going for a slashing pattern on this loaf that had similarities to English Bloomer loaves. Those loaves are larger than mine and are supposed to have length enough for thirteen slashes across the top. I managed seven.

The dough was the same as the pain de campagne I last blogged on with an addition of 15g of honey. I don't think the honey is the explanation for the blowout on the side of the loaf. The most logical explanation I have is that the slashes on top weren't deep and wide enough to allow for upward expansion. As a result the expansion found the weakest point in the seam and pushed out, rolling the loaf to one side. While the flavor of the crumb is still good, the crumb is tight and has very few holes.

My gardening and yard work is on a brief hiatus after I sprained the big toe on my right foot. The condition is referred to as "turf toe" by American football players. There's little to be desired in the condition and I'd much rather be pulling weeds than regularly soaking my foot in ice water.

The up side to this is that I now have the time and no excuses to avoid planning for a burst of flinging flour at the end of the month. Thanksgiving will be spent with Mrs PGs family and require two loaves. That will be followed by donating two loaves two days later for a parish bake sale. Two weeks after that I've committed to two more loaves for Christmas Party for the Leavenworth County Democratic Party organization. The obvious cliche for this situation must have some relevance to "Good things come in pairs".

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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