Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

I've been playing in the dirt lately. Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and plant my peppers and tomatoes. For peppers there are Chile de Arbol, Goliath Jalopeno, Big Jim, and  Giant Marconi plants. The tomatoes include two San Marzano, an Early Goliath, and a Park's Whopper. All the plants looked a healthier shade of green this afternoon so the transplanting didn't hurt. I checked my garlic and so far, even though the moles have been burrowing underneath, I haven't lost any yet. Just to show them some love, I spread an organic fertilizer on the plot today. Our lettuce is almost at the stage where I can start thinning it out. Next week I'll add some herbs to the mix but not many. My oregano wintered over but it isn't very pungent yet. Of course, there will be rosemary, parsley, lots of basil, and a bulb of fennel for the monarch butterflies during their migration.
Speaking of migrations, I've yet to see any migratory birds. Between the cool weather and so many days with northerly winds, I shouldn't be surprised.
The great pre-summer flour stock up goes on. While in Omaha this past weekend, I scarfed up 20# of DM bread flour and 10# of DM AP. That should last me through August. Next week, we'll be passing through Marienthal, KS, home of the fabulous and famous Heartland Mills. I've placed an order for 2# spelt, 2# rye, 5# bolted Turkey Red-the same strain that started winter wheat production in Kansas, and 5# of whole white wheat. That stuff will take up some room in the downstairs freezer. I've worked up to a nice 30% WW/70% BF loaf so moving to 33%/67% should pose no problems. I may try a 50/50 loaf soon after re-reading Rinehart's  "Whole Grain Breads".
I'll have the flour and I need a new lesson in bread construction.

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