Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Hummingbird Sighting

The first hummingbird of the year showed up yesterday. The birds still amaze me with the way they hover in place while feeding. I guess that means I'll have to search the rubble and debris in the garage for a feeder and the feed. Barring success with that, it'll mean "Off to Wally World!". Two other birds have been hanging around outside the window, a downy woodpecker and a red bellied woodpecker. I expect that as soon as there are more insects in the trees that the woodpeckers will be after the bugs. OTOH, they're always welcome here in my book and corner of the world.
My forensic research loaf using Golden Buffalo flour turned out very well. I kept the same basic ingredients but this time I remembered to start soaking the GB about three hours before starting the dough. I needed an extra 30g of water due to the GB's needs to get the right level in the dough. My rough baker's math shows that dough ended up at a suspicious 75% hydration. That could be wrong. Necessity dictated that I simply proof the dough rather than use a retarded proof but the end product isn't bad at all.
I took a brief, one hour, class in using Excel spreadsheets to help keep track of my loaves. I have the Open Office 3.3 installed on this computer but so far, there aren't many great differences between the two programs. the major difference so far is price with the Open Office being free. Once I've got enough time in learning the ropes, I should be able to use the program to give me better, as in more exact, quantities and there should be no problem in just using the program to adjust for the different size loaves.
I should simply remember what Woody Allen said as I work through this project, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans".

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