Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A newish Bulgur Sourdough loaf

Now that my kitchen is slowly be reorganized and remodeled, I'm back to rebuilding my starter and researching new breads to try.The first loaf pictured was my first loaf after the counter top was put in. Mrs PG couldn't resist slicing it while I was at the gym, waiting for it to cool off. It was a simple 75% BF/25% WWW hybrid loaf with 1/2 tsp ADY to make sure it fermented in a reasonable time. As little as 1/2 tsp ADY made a difference in the flavor.

The second loaf is a sourdough with bulgur, cracked wheat, mixed in. Like other bakers, I've come to appreciate the extra flavor it adds to a loaf of bread. The next thing to add to the loaf is a more open crumb.

150g at 100%, fed with 75% organic AP/ 25% stone ground rye

64g bulgur
48g water

Main Dough
270g bread flour
90g white whole wheat
240g water at 85F
All of starter
All of soaker
9g kosher salt

With all the recent rains, the garden is humming along and getting bigger. My lettuce planting is really huge to the point where we can't eat it fast enough to keep it under control. The snow peas haven't yet gotten the message that they should be at work but I suspect that when they do, I'll complain about too much too late. The herbs are reaching jungle status with the oregano in the lead,. I'm not used to seeing it 14 inches tall and over two feet wide. I have jalapenos and a couple of tomatoes to reassure me that there will be pico de gallo in a month or so when the garlic will be ready to harvest.

My bird visitors are fewer in number so I'm taking the time to reseed the lawn in areas that the moles destroyed. I haven't seen any sign of the rodents lately but I suspect that as soon as the lawns start drying up, they'll be back to reprise their "Terminator" roles. There is a too large to ignore number of trash tree seedlings this year in the flower beds. Eternal vigilance and a willingness to pluck them out of the ground are the price of a less than chaotic border for the yard.

New visitors to my obscure corner of the internet include someone from Panama and Georgia.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.

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