Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Lazarus Loaf or you can't keep a good starter down

To tell the truth, I thought this loaf was going to be a brick. It had gone through twelve hours of retarded proofing in the fridge, then some eight hours on the counter at a room temp of 80F, and it had not gotten to the top of my brotform. In the first picture, it looks like it was really underproofed. That's what a good oven spring will do. I was fretting that my seed stock starter was on a steep decline so I started what would turn out to be a 72 hour rebuild before the loaf hit the baking stone. The loaf turned out just fine and the starter is also doing well.  I also have plans for the
200 g or so of leftover discard to be used in a batch of dough for bolilos. Doesn't that sound overly ambitious?

150 g at 100% hydration, 75% AP/ 25% rye flour

40 g malted wheat flakes
30 g water
1 Tbs (15 ml) organic honey

Main Dough
300 g bread flour
100 g stoneground whole wheat
280 g water at 90F
11 g kosher salt
All of soaker
All of starter

The drought here continues on with little to no promise of relief. There may be some August monsoon rains that will come up from the Southwest but I'm not planning on them. The tree outside my window has been losing leafs for a while now and there are deep cracks in the hardened ground. My garden doesn't thrive of city water because I won't soak the whole of the garden. I just soak at the bottom of the plants or vines to keep them alive. When you garden for two, you can get away with that.

This past week someone from Bahrain found their way to my blog.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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