Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Killer B's Musically

This afternoon's Beer o'clock tunes were Bach, Buffalo Springfield, and Browne, Jackson. That's enough of the cheap devices for opening today's post.

Today, I noticed that the Rose of Sharon bushes had leafs of gold, indicative of another approaching cleaning chore around the yard. However, during the season that the bush is bare, birds will perch among the branches and swoop over to the feeders on the north side of the house. I've seen a junco in the neighbors' yard recently but it seems a little early for them to arrive. When they do arrive, they'll arrive in numbers since their habit is to be in a flock.

I have a new, unidentified burrowing pest in the backyard. Lately, I've been finding what a golfer would describe as divots of grass around the garden. There are no runs so it's not a mole. I guess I should check with the County Extension agent's office for more information.

My attempt to juice up or strengthen my starter hit a snag yesterday. Usually it thrives on a diet of AP flour and rye at an 85/15% ratio but that didn't do it. Aficionados may disapprove but I switched the rye component to Heartland Mills Golden Buffalo, something that worked before. It appears to be correcting the weakness but now I've got to figure out how to use up the extra starter that will build up in a couple loaves. Whatever I chose, they'll have to be enriched for some shelf life or freezer time. The three likely recipes or formulae are my house loaf which is essentially the same as my psomi formula, Pioneer bread, or Anadama bread. If anyone in the audience has tried these loaves and has an opinion, the phone lines will be open until 7PM CDT, 26 Sept or 0200 GMT, 27 Sept (I think), cast your vote by commenting. All decisions will likely be undemocratic and poorly reasoned but fire away by all means.

Comments, humor, and questions are welcome.
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