Saturday, April 16, 2011

I See Green Everywhere!

Things are seriously green outside. The trees are filling in and the lawn will soon shift from needing mowing every seven days to a five day schedule. The much ignored string trimmer will have to be put back into rotation. Zoysia grass is making more invasions into the yard and borders. Don't believe the ads in the gardening magazines, you don't want this stuff at all.
I moved some clumps of our prairie grasses into the right of way behind our house. We don't own the property but if I don't take care of it no one else will. So, there are clumps of both little and big blue stem grasses out there. I found a lot of large rocks just at and under the surface. I suspect that someone dumped them there when the area was being developed and tried to cover the rocks with leftover dirt. I'm tired of scraping the mower blade on the rocks and won't keep goats for yard maintenance so it was time for transplanting. Once the grasses take hold, they'll be there for quite a while. Big blue stem grasses have root systems that go down more than 25 feet so they survive droughts, grass fires, and the no longer existent buffalo herds. The little blue stem isn't quite as tough but it has survived Kansas weather longer than recorded history.
I finally figured out how keep track of my daffodil plantings. I just photographed them and downloaded the pictures into a file. As long as the computer doesn't crash, I'll be OK. As an alternative to depending on this old computer, I can always store the pictures at Photobucket and hope their storage never crashes and burns. This autumn, when and if the motivation strikes me, I should be able to dig and divide the bulbs. Yeah, it's work but when they start blooming at the end of March, they're always a welcome sight.
Mrs PG and I hit another nursery yesterday to see what kind of strangeness from the plant world could be found. I added an Early Goliath and a San Marzano tomatoes to my menagerie of nightshade plants. Three tomato plants are too many for us but I'm a glutton for punishment and anxiety when it comes to tomatoes and their care. I may add a cherry or grape tomato plant just because they're good for salads and roasting for my pizzas. I should know better about these things but don't do anything to stop. Sad, isn't it?
It looks like the lettuce is starting to come up. It's either that or I'm deluding myself.
The work is starting to back up already so if I get the part time job at the local library I may have to get back to figuring out time management again. Oh, the library gig is just a circulation desk clerk at minimum wage and hopefully, low stress but OTOH, it would pay for some new toys, camera, computer, stereo gear...
The difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys.

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